A Wise Choice

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"She still needs a name." Lois spoke quietly, half from exhaustion and half from fear that the newborn in her arms would wake and start screaming again.

Clark smiled down at his daughter, hardly able to believe that he had helped create the tiny miracle now sleeping soundly in her mother's arms. "She's amazing, Lo," he said, for what had to be the hundredth time since the infant had come into the world.

"I know that, Clark," Lois sighed, "for thirty hours of labor she'd better be. But we can't keep calling her 'the baby' now that she's actually here."

"My mother loved names with family connections," Clark mused, "Clark was her maiden name and Joseph was my Dad's middle name."

"Well, tell your Mom I'm sorry but she's not going to be a Martha." The baby in her arms gave a small grunt, as if agreeing with her.

"It doesn't have to be from my side," Clark assured her, "how about Samantha?" he suggested.

"That would make my Dad happy." Lois frowned as she looked on her daughters face. "Samantha," she tried before shaking her head, "it just doesn't fit," she sighed and, after hearing it said to his little girl, Clark had to agree. "Eleanor isn't unpopular," she said, looking down hopefully at her daughter.

"Eleanor," Clark tried, "Ella?"

Nothing. "No." Lois shook her head, "that's not it either."

"Well, where's Jason's name from?" Clark asked, looking at his sleeping son in the corner. The new big brother had been at the hospital all night and had practically collapsed when everyone else had gone, although he'd refused to leave his parents and new sister.

"Nowhere really," Lois said with a shrug, "Jason Matthew, I just liked the names. It was easier too, Richard's family wanted it named after him but Dad wouldn't hear of it unless he had a name from his family."

"So the wisest choice was to avoid the arguments all together." Clark nodded in approval.

"Yeah," Lois agreed with another exhausted sigh, "you know we could - what is it?" she asked, noticing that her husband was suddenly staring off into space.

"The wisest choice," he repeated, turning to her with a smile. "How about Sophie?"

"Sophie?" Lois raised her eyebrows as the name rolled easily off her tongue.

"It's Greek," Clark explained, "it means wisdom."

"Well, what do you think?" Lois asked quietly, looking down at her daughter. "Sophie?"

Almost instantly the little girl's brilliant blue eyes opened as if she recognized her name.

"That's it," Clark said, the name feeling so right he wondered why she hadn't just been born with a name tag, it would have made it a bit easier. "Hello, Sophie."

In her mother's arms Sophie Kent looked up at her parents in quiet approval.

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