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Richard ceded Lois to Clark when all was revealed and they hardly spoke. But sharing custody of their son was what brought them together in the end.

"Look, this doesn't have to be so... difficult," Lois says over dinner one night.

They've invited Richard over for dinner, since it's his week to have Jason, who is at a slumber party for the weekend. That was the only thing that was said about it, and it isn't brought up again. Richard only thinks of it again as he goes to bed in the guest room. What else could their tense triangle be other than difficult? He still loves Lois, wants to be a father to Jason, a friend to Clark. He can't have it all.

He wakes up and feels so warm, warmer than usual. It's when he opens his eyes that he realizes just who's sharing the bed with him. They all stay like that together for a while, quiet except for their gentle breathing as they gradually get comfortable with one another. Lois lays her head on Richard's shoulder while Clark holds his hand in his, slowly running his fingers up and down his arm. It's Lois who gets things moving when she reaches down and kisses Richard lightly on the lips before reaching over and kissing Clark just as gently. Lois laughs madly when Clark hesitantly moves down to kiss Richard, then finds herself getting hot and wet as their kiss deepens. After that it's a tangle of sheets and limbs, of moans and giggles.

Lois smiles as Richard licks one nipple as Clark licks the other, both on her biting and suckling as their fingers play with her pussy, making her giggle and squirm beneath them. Her smile vanishes as the men work together in pleasuring her, Clark's fingers are at her clit and nether hole, applying just the right amount of pressure as Richard thrusts his fingers into her repeatedly. The men smile at each other as she moans and cries out on the bed between them and Richard can't help but notice how big Clark is. He wants to lick the small drop of pre-cum from him before taking him into his mouth as deeply as possible. He doesn't get to do that since right after Lois comes Clark begins to fuck her, holding her thighs high at his hips as he stands in his usual regal stance next to the bed. Lois is practically screaming from the pleasure and Richard shuts her up by pushing his cock into her mouth, which she sucks enthusiastically. They all come - Clark inside of Lois, Lois around Clark and Richard into Lois's mouth. Lois lies breathing heavily as she watches Richard suddenly hold Clark close and kiss him with all he's got. Surprisingly Clark responds just as feverishly, and soon they're lying on top of one another - Richard on Clark of course, just kissing, holding and touching.

Clark is surprised at how much he enjoys all of this. Sharing Lois with Richard, sharing Richard with Lois and loving both of them. His hands slide down Richard's spine and to his ass, which he grabs as tightly as he can without hurting him of course. His eyes go wide when Richard slides down out of his embrace and takes him into his mouth, sending him into ecstasy. His hands lace through Richard's hair as he holds his head close, gently thrusting his hips up to his mouth. He's not surprised when Lois feels left out and settles herself over his mouth, allowing him to, making him, eat her pussy. She makes a annoyed sound when Clark comes and stops paying attention to her. Instead she pushes Richard down and straddles him, riding him til they're both shouting as they come.

Lois is riding Clark when Richard decides he wants in too and pushes himself into her other hole. The feeling is incredible for them all, and they all come shuddering, sputtering and generally falling about themselves in pure pleasure.

They lie on their sides, Richard spooning Clark while Clark spoons Lois. The sheets are drawn up around them, keeping them warm and happy and loved. They don't worry about the tenseness of the past, of the price that may come of their tryst, they just live in the now and they're content.

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