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They almost didn't make it tonight, the three of them. If the poison had been released into the water system any later, they'd have all died. It wasn't normal for an old abandoned factory to have a working sprinkler system, and so when it went off when they were in there looking for Poison Ivy, they knew it wasn't a fluke. The acid water would have melted Lois and Bruce, and one would think it wouldn't have done anything to Clark but maybe ruin his suit. Kryptonite. Pamela had somehow worked Kryptonite into her deadly water, and it was apparent when Clark faltered as he flew them away.

Lois sighs when she gets into the ridiculously large shower stall, and lets the many water sprays and steamy air clear away her foggy thoughts. A small window on the other wall to the outside world shows nothing but inky blackness, and Lois shudders about the thought of going out there again. It's bright in here and safe as the water washes her fears down the drain along with the soap suds. Slowly she loses herself and closes her eyes as she smoothes a shower puff against her skin. The lavender scent of the body wash helps in calming her down, and she finally relaxes. Until her eyes perk open when she hears the shower door slide open, letting Bruce in.

She's seen the man in almost every state of disorder, and it's rare when something like this gets at him and he shows it. He is first Clark's oldest and most trusted friend, and quickly becomes Lois's as well. Without a thought Lois brings him into the hot water and embraces him in the tight circle of her arms. After a few moments their gazes meet and Lois smiles kindly, framing his face in her tiny hands as she brings it down and places a soft kiss to his nose and forehead. His dark eyes swirl with emotion, and Lois knows she's one of the only people who can truly see it. Tonight the emotions scream of fear, anxiety and of want. She's sure that the water sluicing down his face is mixed with tears and she wants to tell him to slow down and rest, but she knows he'll reject the notion.

He kisses her first.

At first it's gentle, like that of two close friends. Then it becomes needy and searching, and their mouths work together as if trying to pull comfort from one deep within one another. His hands are caressing her breasts and he can taste the soap in his mouth when he bends down to kiss her pale throat. Lois writhes in his grip, and feels a gamut of emotions when she feels his hard cock poking against her hips and belly. Immediately her hands go to his slender hips and pulls him to her and against her as she presses her back to the cool tiled wall. Their chests heave against each other as they study each other for a moment before their lips are on each other's again while their hips press together tightly and pulse even more. They break apart wildly when the sound of the door sliding comes again and they watch as Clark steps into the shower. Lois' heart is pounding, but not because of the lust she's just felt.

"It's okay."

It's all he says with a soft smile before he embraces the two of them in his big arms, and they all relax as their arms entwine around each other. Lois catches her breath and feels her lust dissipate a bit as she lays her head against her husband's broad chest and takes deep breaths. Beside her Bruce wonders at how safe he feels right now, something he hasn't felt since he was 8. He watches as Lois and Clark share a tender yet heated kiss while the three of them are still entwined, and finally is soothed.

Hot water showers down on them as the two men hold Lois between them and take turns kissing her and leaving her breathless. She can't believe how loved she feels as Clark kisses her senseless and Bruce's mouth is at her neck while their hands slip and slide against her body- her breasts, belly, sides, bottom and thighs are all given attention and she can't stop smiling. The smile is gone from her face when someone's finger plays against her clit, and soon she can barely hold herself up.

Clark stands behind her with his lips at her neck and reaches down with one hand to play against her throbbing clit while the other - she gasps - slides between her legs and holds her lips apart with two fingers. She can feel his cock against his back when he leans her backward a little so that- a soft sound comes from her throat when Bruce kneels and slips his tongue into her. Water slides down the front of her body and against his mouth and nose, but he doesn't move, just keeps working between Clark's fingers. Lois's breaths come out in gasps as she wildly thinks that she should be the one comforting them, and soon she's moaning and squirming in Clark's arms as she comes. She shakily slides down to sit on her knees on the warm shower floor and lets the hot spray of water against her chest and from the shower head above calm her down. Her eyes open and she finds the other two crouching with her, holding her, watching her. They're waiting for her cue, and without a word she reaches up and turns off the shower.

* * *

The bed is cool against their skin and immediately soaks from the water still dripping from their bodies, but they don't care. Lois lies sandwiched between them as their bodies undulate beneath the damp sheet and she's trying her best to kiss the both of them but they're moving too much. Below her Clark all but begs her for release while Bruce presses his still ready cock against her ass and thighs. Bruce takes action of the situation and pulls Lois down until her mouth is around Clark, and her arms wrap around his powerful thighs as she begins to pleasure him. Behind her Bruce drapes himself over her, wrapping his arm around her small waist carefully before slowly pushing his way into her pulsing sex. Lois breaks from licking Clark to let out low groan at the feel of Bruce hard and thick within her. She pants for a few moments as she pushes her body back against his, falling into a quick rhythm then resumes working on Clark. Bruce pushes himself up on his arms and slows his pace a little, wanting to enjoy the feel of Lois tight and wet around him for as long as he can. Lois sits up on her knees while she still kneels down to Clark and Bruce sits up too, fucking her harder. Lois can't concentrate and sits upright while Bruce's arms hold her tightly against him as he thrusts into her, drawing wordless shouts from her. Bruce's world seems to shatter as he comes powerfully and he groans with Lois as she too comes with a grin. Lois laughs as the moment is topped off when she feels Clark come against her thighs and belly.

The sheets warm up a little as they lie skin to skin in a tangle of limbs as they catch their breath. Lois giggles as she lies between the men as they take turns to kiss her and soon the moment is quiet as Lois embraces them both against her breasts and shoulders. She holds them close and knows that it soothes them in a way that words can't. A happy purr rumbles from her throat as they begin to lick and kiss the sensitive skin. A flicker of pain goes through her nerves as one sucks the thin skin of her neck but its soothed when the other licks the underside of her breast, tickling her. They both trail wet open kisses down her body and slip their long fingers inside her. They stop before she comes and breathe heavily as they stand by the bed and watch her twist the sheets around her in heat.

Lois throws her hips up into the air then slams herself down on the bed, crying out for pleasure. She knows the men can only handle themselves so long and they know it. Lois and Clark watch with baited breath as Bruce goes to a night stand and pulls out a small bottle and a handful of foiled packages.

"I'm on the pill. Obviously," Lois snaps breathily as Bruce places them beside the bed and begins to tear open a package. But neither men are listening as they sit on the bed on either side of her and help each other sit her up. Lois forgets what she's talking about and lets out a joyous sound when Clark lies down and slips her over him. While they move energetically Bruce slips a condom over himself and lubricates before sitting behind Lois and smoothing his slick hands up the front of her into her skin. His hands tighten around her breasts as he places the tip of him between her cheeks and he can feel her body tense against him. Clark holds her hand in his and kisses her knuckles, trying to calm her but she gasps sharply anyway as Bruce slowly pushes on. Clark stops moving under her and the moment is just about her and Bruce. She aches but it's not a terrible ache. She feels the sweat on her hairline as she tries to relax her body, and lets out a small whimper when Bruce finally stops pushing into her. He braces himself against her, noting how he is slick enough to glide into her without much effort and slides out a little faster this time. He squirts a little bit of lubricant up into her before pressing into her again, and this time Lois likes it. It hurts a bit, but coupled with the pleasure she feels as she tightens around Clark it's indescribable. The feel is amazing for the men, too as they can feel each other claiming Lois's body repeatedly while she is in ecstasy between them. Her voice, body and love soothes them and they hold onto her tightly while they move in perfect rhythm. They all come and it's a beautiful, cathartic moment for all of them. Being like this is unlike anything they've felt before, and they know nothing will ever be the same.

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