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How many times has she wanted to do this in last year? Wished, hoped, that something like this would happen? His lips trail to her jawline, down to her neck, and lower. She wants to say that they shouldn't do this; that Richard is waiting for her downstairs but the words die on her lips as her dress begins to slip from her shoulders.

She watches the soft yellow colored globe of the Daily Planet slowly turn above her as he lays her down on his cape. It's all going too fast, yet deliriously slow, like a dream. She feels his hands all over her, slipping up the smoothness of her thigh, the soft curves of her hips and between them. Her hips go up automatically when his hands slide her panties from her hips, and the cool air makes contact with her wetness, making her shiver. She gets even colder- it's early fall, yet up here so many stories high, it's always cooler. Her bra is suddenly off and she's completely naked and open to him. Idly she wonders what he's thinking right now as he stands on his knees beside her, just watching. He finally speaks as his hands tentatively clasp her breasts before his thumbs trace circles around her erect nipples.

"We... I.. . shouldn't be doing this."

A breathless laugh comes and goes from her and she just smiles. It'll just have to be their secret, won't it? She takes his hands in hers and pulls him closer, capturing his lips in a kiss that speaks volumes, that says that it will be okay, that it will be between them. His eyes never leave hers as he stands on his knees between her thighs and undoes his belt, pulling everything down. Lois' eyes flit down past his belly and to his cock, large and thick enough to make her squirm and sob against him but enough for her to handle. She knows that but doesn't, seeing as how he'd erased her memory of when they first made love all those years ago. They'd made a child then, their wonderful little son and she wonders if they will make a child now as he draws her thighs to his hips and slowly begins to slide himself into her. A soundless cry tears from her mouth and she can't decide whether its pleasure or pain she feels, they're always blurred together when it comes to him. She pushes against his shoulders when he comes down to hover above her, and she grunts as he slides further into her as she clasps around him as tightly as her body will allow.

The way he half flies, half holds himself up above her with his arms as he moves is so mesmerizing. It's as if he's holding her captive, that she can't move without him and she moves with him in a slow steady pace. Her legs wrap up around his back as his arms push upward, his hands sliding hers so that they rest up past her head and he holds them there. She hisses and bites her lip as he begins to thrust into her faster, and from this angle with her hips raised off the floor and against his as his body arcs over hers, her clit rubs up against his flat belly as he thrusts, sending off a myriad of fireworks through her body that counteract with the pain. Soon they're in the air and her head hangs back above the ground as if her body is like that of a ragdoll's in his hands. Sweat drips from her forehead and cools against her skin and she's beginning to push harder against him, hoping she won't break. Suddenly her body begins to shudder and scream inside as the pleasure finally wins out and overtakes her body. Kal-El too begins to come and she feels him groan against her throat as his body shudders against hers. Her legs squeeze tighter around his hips as she feels the heat of his seed spill into her and she lets him hold her close, sighing at how warm he is around her as they float several feet above the rooftop.

"Lois..." his voice is slightly hoarse.

"Shhh," she whispers back, running a hand through the damp hair at the nape of his neck. "It'll be our secret."

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