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It's been a year since their discovery of each other and they're now more comfortable than ever. As they walk arm in arm along the beach, Bruce realizes he's never this happy without them. Clark is still amazed by the strength of them all together, and has never known love to be so complete. Lois holds one of their hands in hers and squeezes with a smile. She loves loving both of them, and of being loved. It's a complete circle, and circles are never-ending.

It's too hot to be outside and they all lie on the bed, draped across one another. An open door to the balcony lets in a cool breeze coming off the ocean and the sound of the waves and birds in the air lull them into a state of utter relaxation. Lois lies at Clark's side, running her hand up and down his chest while Bruce lies behind her on his side, one hand resting on her hip while the other keeps his head up. His hand travels lower and past the hem of her short summer dress, caressing the soft sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Lois looks at him over her shoulder and laughs softly before leaning up a little for a soft, lingering kiss. Bruce's hand continues up her thighs and finds that Lois isn't wearing anything beneath her dress, his fingers coming in contact with impossibly soft, smooth skin and a light wetness. It gets damper as his thumb finds the nub of her clit and his index finger is in her but not quite, just teasing her lips before he slides his finger in at an angle. The right angle it seems as Lois squirms and moans beneath his touch. Next to her Clark sighs as her hand travels from his chest to his hips, rubbing against the straining fabric in the front his shorts repeatedly.

Clark yanks his shorts down and is completely naked before the other two. Bruce's fingers are still in Lois, so Clark helps by pulling her dress up over her head and off revealing creamy skin and soft breasts, which he immediately sets his mouth upon. Lois rolls over to lay on her back and Clark follows, leaning over her chest as he lathes his tongue on her neck and breasts, biting here and there and making her gasp. She pushes Bruce's hand away from her, not wanting to come just yet. She's almost there though, and her breath comes in gasps as she reaches over and pulls Bruce's shorts down. Behind her Clark clears the overly large pillows from the head of the bed and sits down with his back against the headboard. He and Bruce look over at each other with a smile and an understanding, and Bruce gently coaxes Lois to lie on her belly. Clark groans and spreads his legs wider as Lois takes him into her mouth excitedly. Behind her Bruce holds her smooth thighs apart and up with his hands before he pushes past her lips and buries himself deep into her. He leans over her back, holding himself up with his hands as Lois's flexible legs cross behind his back, holding him tighter against her. They come quickly and Clark slips down to lie under Lois as Bruce lies gently above her, and they hold each other tightly.

Bruce doesn't consider himself to be one way, especially not after he finds love with two other people. He and Clark have been friends for so long, the bond between them ever changing and always being something deemed indescribable. It's only natural for them to take their trust and comfort in one another one step further. He and Clark lay by one another, their hands between them as they slowly pleasure each other. Their lips meet gently at first, but become more passionate and heated as their desire grows. They hold each other tightly, their narrow hips thrusting against each other every so often as their bodies writhe together. Bruce holds Clark's head to his neck as he lays wet open kisses on his skin that travel further down his body. Clark holds Bruce's gaze with his with a crooked smile as he places a light kiss on Bruce's cock. A moan tears from his throat as he lightly licks a drop of pre-cum from the tip of him, teasing him. Bruce pulls Clark to him and kisses him with a growl while his hands travel down to his ass, gripping him as tightly as he can while he slides one finger between, applying slight pressure.

Lois watches them with a satisfied smile, and hands Bruce a condom when he sits up. She's breathless as she watches Clark flip onto his belly, one hand playing with his cock while Bruce slips on the condom and lubricates himself. Suddenly Lois finds herself getting under Clark and taking him into her while Bruce slowly pushes himself into Clark. The feeling is amazing to them all, especially Clark. He can't describe the feeling of taking and being taken, and now fully appreciates Lois' wild screams from whenever he and Bruce take her simultaneously. Bruce reaches down and holds Lois's legs up around Clark's torso while they all buck together in a fast rhythm breathlessly. Bruce leans down and kisses Lois before turning Clark's head around and sticking his tongue in his mouth in tune with his thrusts. They don't know who begins to move faster first, but they're all moving even faster now and Lois knows that if they all come at the same time, it'll be fucking earth-shattering. She holds both of their gazes as they look down at her when they're not closing their eyes in pleasure. She takes Bruce's hand in one hand, and Clark's in the other, entwining her fingers with theirs as tightly as she can.

"I love you both," she says breathlessly with a smile before she succumbs to the pleasure with a groan. Above her Clark begins to feel his orgasm uncoiling in his belly while Bruce howls behind him, his orgasm so intense he can hardly stay up. They all sob and shudder together, their faces red and smiling as they crumple to the bed together.

"I love you," someone says, and they all yield to rest and each other.

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