Reviews for: "All I Have To Give" by Deborah Rorabaugh (SHADO Librarian).

February 26, 2009
Dandello--What a refreshing story! I thought the present/past POV switches worked very well. If you believe that Lois is the only woman for Clark in any possible world,then this story is not for you,but I found it a refreshing change. I found the starting premise--Lois's total,if understandable bitchiness--out of character for what I would have extrapolated from the end of SR,but,given the premise,I loved Clark's reaction. Way to not be a sap,CK! I do think Clark would have pushed harder to be in relationship with Jason after Lois's brush-off. I loved the confrontation at the end. I just found this site after reading just about every story on the L&C fanfic archive,and this is the first story I read. Can't wait to explore all this new food for my fanfic addiction.

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