1 The hairless red being was the Green Lantern and the demonic hordes were Khundins (also aliens).

3 In the comics, Berkowitz was murdered during the ground-breaking ceremony for Hypersector, a massive urban renewal project in Suicide Slum, planned and financed by Lex Luthor. Berkowitz was succeeded by Bradford "Buck" Sackett.

4 The Pulitzer in the Real World

5 New York Press Club - the real world version of the Metropolis Press Club. The Kerth was established in the Lois & Clark television series

6 The Baldy History of the Baldy.

7 In the comics, the Daily Planet publishes both a morning and evening edition. In the Superman films there is no doubt the Daily Planet is a morning paper, but could also print an afternoon edition.

8 In the comics, the Daily Star is the Daily Planet's closest rival while the Metropolis Star is a separate and smaller paper.

9 Information from Metropolis - DC Database project.

10 The numbers in the original source material was way over-blown with 300 radio stations, 100 AM and 200 FM.

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