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Buddies - confusion running wild
Apr 9th, 2009 at 1:10am
Buddies - confusion running wild

So Lois confesses to Richard that Superman is Jason's father.
Regardless of what Lois believed Richard has always known that he wasn't Jason's father. It does not matter to him Jason IS the son of his heart.

Somehow Richard finds out/figures out Clark is Superman. The two talk. Clark tells Richard about Jonathan & Martha as a way to assure Richard that he does understand the importance of the relation between Jason and Richard.

Richard understands Clark's desire to be more involved with his son's life. Richard starts including Clark in Jason events. He and Richard take Jason to ballgames, parks, flights -both kinds!- 

Clark sets up regular payments, via payroll deduction,  to a college fund for Jason and Richard arranges a trip to Smallville so Jason can meet Martha.

But as time goes on Lois learns some of this and for a time buys Richard's story that he and Clark are setting up a strawman so no one will suspect Superman is really Jason's father.

She does not buy the reason why Clark would be willing to do this. She begins to suspect that Richard and Clark are gay and involved with each other.

It makes sense to her as why else would Richard be willing to wait so long to get married? Why has he always been so nice but not pushy or demanding?  She thinks Richard has been using her a protective cover all along.

She knows she does not love Richard with the a deep soul sifting love and that his love for her as has always seemed more comfortable friendship than passion lit.

All the steps Richard and Clark have taken to hide Clark's other identity are seen by Lois as attempts to hide a sexual relationship.

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