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winner2010 Come Back To Me
Lois's dreams become reality. Set between SII and SR.
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Rating: K+
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winner2010 Healing Hearts
This story is a complete rewrite and retelling of Superman Returns and what happens after the movie ends. Lois and Clark are not what you would expect in this story. You should know that Lois remembers everything. Its pretty clear right from the start.
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Rating: K+ - Part of a Series
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winner2011 adult Now or Never
They've had so many chances to make it work, but could there really be one more? This story is a follow-up to Superman Returns, with Lois still in the dark about Clark's true identity, Luthor is still out there wrecking havoc with their lives, but something unexpected happens that changes it all.
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Rating: MA
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winner2010 Period of Adjustment
This is a sequel to SR-Healing Hearts. Lois and Clark have returned from their honeymoon and they're still in that 'mode.' Clark begins his new position with the Justice League. Clois Forever!
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Rating: T - Part of a Series
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